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This is where you can begin your search of players database. Our site is relatively simple to navigate and has a variety of ways you can locate players.

Start your search by using the links below to access recruits in the various position categories. Here’s how it works; When you select a category like “Guards” for example, all of the Guards in our database show up at a rate of 5 players per page. In order to see the next page of  Guards, click the “older posts” link at the bottom left of the page.

For easy access, use the Player Database pulldown menu on the right side of this page. If there is a specific player you would like to see, use the Player Search option at the top right, to easily locate a specific player by their first or last name.

Recent Posts, is a list the most recent player additions to our database.

Please note: as recruits commit to various institutions, we will mark said player(s) as committed. You can also access all committed players on the Player Commitments page.

In addition to that, SAL Recruits will notify you periodically by email as players status are updated.


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