About Us

message_sliderWhile most programs tend to emphasize and expend the majority of their resources and personnel on either an educational component OR the athletic component, they rarely devote time to a combination of the two.

SAL’s emphasis is on the individuality of the complete Student; both at home, at school and on the life skills necessary to navigate the world outside of both environments.

Who We Are

The Student Athlete Lab™ provides an environment conducive to nurturing not only the physical and academic growth of our students but their emotional and social development as well. We are proud to offer our student athletes nutritional analysis and counseling as well as life skill workshops such as interviewing skills, public speaking and more.

What We Do

  • Our programs are designed to promote excellence and integrity which will in turn bring a sense of pride, confidence and an excitement for what the future holds for our student athletes
  • Athletically, the program provides basketball skills training; court, band, ploy-metric and aquatic conditioning; offensive and defense playing systems and recognition; game strategies, etc
  • Academically, the program tracks the students required class units to graduate and pre-college course requirements; offers SAT and ACT prep courses; and college recruitment assistance
  • From the standpoint of Maturing the overall person, we offer instruction in nutrition; mind and body relaxation training; public speaking, interviewing techniques; and self-confidence training
  • Our overall goal is geared toward promoting and branding the “under-the-radar athlete” by making them camera-ready for recruitment and selection by nationwide college coaches

Our Staff

Our coaches, counselors and trainers accomplish these many program features through “hands-on” training; video production of conditioning sessions and actual games; comparative video production of interviews and public speaking sessions. The essence is to develop an individual “brand” for each student which will enable the Student Athlete Lab” to promote each student to College and University Basketball Coaches as a camera-ready student athletic prospect.